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is a social RV Club.  We usually camp out once a month at a different location, chosen by the host.  We don't discuss politics or religion at our activities.  Our campouts/meetings are usually held beginning the third Tuesday of the month, ending on Friday morning.  We are fortunate here in Southern Utah, as we can camp out just about every month of the year.  


We normally have a social hour on Monday when everyone brings something to share.  On Wednesday afternoon, we generally go out to eat at a local restaurant.  On Thursday we have a potluck,  with our membership meeting to follow.  All get togethers are held at 5:00 p.m. Utah time.  For potlucks everyone provides a favorite dish, be it a salad, casserole or dessert.  If desired, the host may choose to provide a continental breakfast on Friday morning.  Everyone furnishes their own place settings, utensils, and drinks at all events.  You generally need to serve as a host for these outings once a hear.    We have some months with no host campouts and everyone contributes with a planned menu.


Membership dues are currently $20/rig per year. 


We often have numerous games and friendly competition going on.  Sometimes we have a day trip to a local museum or festivity.  Many stories are told, or we may do sing alongs, as we sit around the campfire, where fires are permitted.  A lot of fun is had by all.


In addition to the food, fun, and games at the monthly campouts, we  have an annual auction to raise funds.  

To become a member you must attend two outings in twelve months, after which you are voted on by the membership.

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