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Trails for those that want to check out Petroglyphs

Be prepared to capture excellent photos

Color Country Ramblers Campout

November 13-16, 2023

Hosts:  Wayne & Mavis Hadley  

Valley of Fire State Park

Moapa Valley, Utah

(702) 397-2088


Monday 10/13:             Arrive and set up.  Play games or just visit.​

Tuesday 10/14:           11:00 am – Games, etc.

                                          5:00 pm - Meet and Greet.  Bring a snack to share.


Wednesday 10/15:       9:00 am - Biscuits and Gravy with scrambled                                                                                                                                                                 furnished by the hosts. Bring anything else you may want.

​                                       11:00 am – Trip to Overton to the Lost City Museum then lunch at       

                                                            La Fonda Mexican Café. (15 Miles).           

Thursday 10/16:         11:00 am – Games, etc.


                                         5:00 pm – Spaghetti Dinner with Garlic Toast &  Salad, plus dessert. 

                                                                 (Furnished by the Hosts).


                                           6:30 pm -   Club Meeting


Friday 10/17:           Depart for home…. HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!



(Please click on button below to let the hosts know who will be there)

(Or Call 480-510-7261)


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