Las Vegas RV Resort

Las Vegas, NV

February 2016

Our hosts -- Vern and Dottie Ratzlaff

Dottie at the piano

Grant -- hard at work

Joannie, Darrel, Connie, and Dee

Mexican Train game -- Myra, June, Dee, and Harold

Kent, John, Vern, and Bob -- solving the world's problems

Bob, June, Sarann, and Ray

Wonderful meal!

Gathered for the meeting

Kent, John, Maryann (guest), Ray, and Dottie

Vern Bartlett -- our guest -- and breakfast chef!

John, Kent, and the two Verns

Myra, Grant, Darrel, and Hal


June and Linda

Vern and Ray

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We welcome all makes and models.  Join our club for monthly campouts with lots of fun, good food and many friends......

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