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Utah State Jamboree

Nephi, UT

June 2015

Opening ceremony

Dee and Olivia bringing in the CCR flag

From the display wall -- features 4 of our members -- Bob Botts, Harold Jones, Wayne Kline and Kent Nicklas

Joannie and Wayne

Bob and Elverna

Dee and Harold

Dick and Debbie

Sharon and John

The memorial service

Setting up for the luncheon

The food is ready. Bring on the people!

Joannie with her "hat hair"

Harold, Cindy, and John

Roger won the "boobie prize"

John and Bob

Elverna, Linda, and Grant

Olivia with Grandpa Bob

Debbie and Dick

At the Military Ball mixer

Military ball mixer

Playoffs for the Mexican Train championship

And Harold is the big winner (again)

Joannie and Linda

Some of the goodies from the cake walk.


Dinner at Lisa's restraurant

Snippits of the parade

Heading 3

Heading 3

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