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4 Seasons RV Park

Color Country Ramblers
Monthly Meeting – April 22, 2019
Meeting called to order by President Linda Larsen at the 4 Seasons RV Park after a fine dinner at the Eureka Hotel Casino in Mesquite.
Pledge of Allegiance – none as we did not have a flag.
Roll Call – Members present: Milan & Ruthe Vrajich, Hal & Dee Jones, Wayne and Joanie Kline, Vern & Dottie Ratzlaff, and Linda Larsen.
The following came to event but had to leave before the monthly meeting, due to circumstances otherwise: Bob & June Nissalke and Don & Gonnie Buell.
Introductions: There were no visitors, guests, or outside speakers therefore no introductions.
Minutes of the March meeting: The minutes were previously posted on the web site. There being no corrections the minutes for March meeting were approved by the President.

2019 Club Budget/Dues: All the following members paid dues for the 2019 year:

Vic Hoffman, Bob and Elverna Botts, Robert and June Nissalke, Vern and Dottie Ratzlaff, Maggie and Bill Klaas, Ruth and Milan Vrajich, Darrell and Connie Jones, Wayne and Joanie Kline, Hal and Dee Jones, Don and Gonnie Buell, Robert and Joyce Clarke. (I believe everyone has paid that intended to renew.)

Treasurer’s reported the Club has $1122.88 in the Wells Fargo checking account as of the meeting date. There were no outstanding bills due.

Committee Reports: Joane Kline reported on upcoming Campouts/events:
May -- The May rendezvous will be at Piute RV Park at Pipe Springs, AZ…May 15-18, 2019.
June – June will be at Cedar Breaks RV (KOA Campground) in Cedar City, UT…June 19-22, 2019.
July – July event will at the Beaver KOA Campground in Beaver, UT…July 17-20, 2019.
August – August event will be at Lutherwood RV Campground east of Todds Junction…21-24.
September – Currently scheduled for the 4 Seasons RV park at Littlefield, AZ…Sept 18-21. 2019.
All of the upcoming Campouts will be posted on the Club Website…and PLEASE NOTE, you can post right on the web site if you will be attending the upcoming Campout. This will prevent members from being required to call the host to advise their attendance in the future. As in previous Campouts you as an Individual Member will need to make your reservations directly with the RV park. The Host will have arranged, with the RV park, to reserve a specified number of spaces for said Campout.

New Business: No new business transacted (As we did not have a quorum present).
Discussion: There was discussion as to any new RV parks or other parks we might travel to for our Campouts: A new RV park is being built in Orderville; The Wauweep RV park in Page, AZ was recommended by Milan and Ruthe Vrajich and it was noted there is also one named Page/Lake Powell RV park in Page, AZ. Vern indicated he would follow up on possibility of these three for future Club events.
Minutes submitted by Vern Ratzlaff; 4/21/19.

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