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Bryce Zion

BRYCE ZION JULY 19-22, 2022
Meeting called to order by Linda Larsen
Flag Salute led by Mavis Hadley
Previous Minutes: No changes
Welcomed all to the meeting
Roll Call: Linda and Grant Larsen, Dee and Hal Jones, Darrel and Connie Jones, Wayne and Joanie Kline, Ray and Katie Gonzales. Mark Fabian and Leslie Arner experienced mechanical failures and were not able to attend. Wayne and Mavis Hadley attended Thursday night
Treasures Report: Same balance as previous month, no expenditures
Birthdays: Dee and Hal Jones, Connie Jones
Anniversaries: Grant and Linda Larsen , Milan and Ruth Vrajich.
Thanked Ray and Katie for hosting this month; Mark and Lelsie did assist with the Continental breakfast.
Co-ordinator Report: Darrell Jones
August - Lutherwood - Hosts will be Connie and Darrell Jones. August 16-18, call and make reservations :
1-800-205-4887 or 317-209-6951 A Email was sent out this week with outing details.
- RSVP to the hosts so they can plan the group dinners. 775-304-2197
Sepember: - Harrisburg KOA - Wayne and Joanie Kline 9-20-23
October: - Four Seasons - Littlefield - Cindy and Roger Hudson 10-15-21
- November: - Lake Mead RV Village - Mavis and Wayne Hadley, 11-8 thru 11/11
702-293-2540 10 Sites reserved on the bottom row, make your own reservation
The 2023 Calander is open for you to choose a month, contact Darrel Jones . 775-304-2197
Months available are March, April, May, October, November.

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