September 19, 2019. Minersville, Utah

Meeting called to order by President Linda Larsen .

Pledge of Allegiance

Visitor Introductions:: Scott Nissalke was visiting with his Father (BBob Nissalke))

Roll C all by Vern Ratzlaff – Members present::

Linda & Grant Larsen Joannie & Wayne Kline

Dottie & Vern Ratzlaff Connie & Darrell Jones

Ruthe & Milan Vr haich Dee & Hal Jones

Bob Nissalke


o Th e Club g ives “TThanks”” to Milan & Ruthe Vrhaich for hosting this event (II am now spelling their name correctly!!)) .

Minutes of the August meeting were approved as written and posted on the Club web site..

Treasurers Report:: Vern Ratzlaff reported the Club has $11651.86 (iincludes $4469 deposited from the clu b auction……ggood job members!!))..

Birthdays:: We sang “ Happy Birthday ” to Grant Larsen..

Coordinator’s Report::

• Joanie Kline

o The re are no hosts for the upcoming November event . The November event starts on Tuesday,, November 5 th at Lake Mead RV Park at Lake Mead,, Nevada.. Phone number for reservations is 702 293 - 2540..

o The December Christmas party//ddinner will be on December 12 th at 4::000PM at the Black Bear Diner (jjust off I - 15 nea r Washington,, Utah..

Old Business:: No old business brought before the Club..

New Business:: No new business presented for the Club..

Adjournment:: The re being no other business brought before the Club,, President Linda closed the meeting..

Minutes s ubmitted by:: Vern Ratzlaff,, Club Secretary .

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