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Beaver State Park

Color Country Ramblers
Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by Secretary/Treasurer (Vern Ratzlaff) at Beaver State Park (Minersville, Utah).
Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag was led by Harold Jones.
Roll Call by Secretary Vern Ratzlaff…present were the following Members:
Grant & Linda Larsen
Wayne & Joannie Kline
Vern Ratzlaff
Brad & Kathy Rasmussen
Harold & Dee Jones
Darrell & Connie Jones
Don & Gonnie Buell

Introductions: Kathy Rasmussen introduced Ray & Katie Gonzales as Prospective Members.

Minutes: The minutes for the last Club meeting (5/20/21) were posted on the internet and emailed to each Active Member. There were no corrections or additions, thus Club Minutes will stand as posted.

Club event coordinator, Joannie Kline, gave report and handed out a follow-up event sheet for the remaining Club meetings for 2021 (Please note the July Excursion has been changed from Marysvale South 40 RV Park to Lutherwood RV park):

July 13-16: Lutherwood RV Park, UT (Located off Hwy 89 just east of Junction of Hwy 89 and SR14) - hosted by Vern & Dottie Ratzlaff. Reservations: Mike 317 209-6951
(Reservations must be made “NOW” and you might as well make reservations for the August Club Excursion at the same time, as we are scheduled at Lutherwood for August.

August 16-20: Lutherwood RV Park, Lutherwood, UT (near junction of hwy 14 & 89) – hosted by Daryl & Connie Jones. Reservations: Mike 317 209-6951
September 20-24: Four Seasons RV Park, Littlefield, AZ – hosted by Roger & Cindy Hudson (Also, this will be the date the club holds their annual auction/fund raiser for the Club.)
October 19-21: Cedar Breaks RV Park, Cedar City, Utah - No host designated for this Excursion.
November 11-15: Lake Mead RV Park, Boulder City/Lake Mead, Nevada – hosted by Joannie & Wayne Kline…we were advised to get reservations in now as they are booking full.
December: Christmas Dinner – site not yet determined by Joanie.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Vern Ratzlaff: The Club has $916.26 in the Wells Fargo Bank account, and we have $25 in the Petty Cash plastic bag (no expenditures).

(Minutes continued on next page)

Old Business: none

New Business:
The Chair asked for “New Business” and thereafter it was comments, discussion, and pandemonium!!! (All of said discussion centered around changes to the Club By-laws.) The Chair was advised by our astute member, Linda Larsen, that this entire portion of the meeting was “Out of Order” due to format of the discussion not being correct for the Club business meeting and not following the Roberts Rules of Order for our meeting. Therefore, none of that discussion/episode were recorded for the Club Minutes.
Grant Larsen recommended we give our hosts (Brad & Kathy Rasmussen) a Thank You for the great job they did for this Club Excursion…it was unanimous!

Adjournment: There being no other business brought before the Club, The Chair called for adjournment. Joannie Kline moved for adjournment and motion was seconded by Grant Larsen, motion approved and meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Vern Ratzlaff

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