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Black Bear Diner

Color Country Ramblers RV Club meeting minutes December 110, 20202, 2019.
Black Bear Diner -- Washington, Utah

Meeting called to order by President Linda Larsen.
Prayer given by Grant Larsen
Pledge of Allegiance led by Harold Jones
Roll Call by Vern Ratzlaff – Members present:
Linda & Grant Larsen Joanie & Wayne Kline
Dottie & Vern Ratzlaff Connie & Darrell Jones
Dee & Hal Jones Milan & Ruthe Vrajich
Brad & Kathy Rasmussen Bob & Joyce Clarke
Don & Gonnie Buehl
Visitor Introductions/continuing members: Roger and Cindy Hudson
Minutes of prior meeting were approved as written and now posted on the Club web site.
Treasurers Report: Vern Ratzlaff reported the Club has $1186.97 in the Wells Fargo Bank account
(Prior to writing the check for the Christmas Party/dinner which was $464.00 (all inclusive).
Coordinator’s Report:
Joanie Kline: handed out a “Host” sign-up sheet for the months of March through November 2021. She also advised there would be not Club event scheduled for January or February 2021.
Joanie Kline presented Linda Larsen with a token of appreciation for her diligent and positive work as leader of the Club for the last two years (Yes, Yes…she did a fine job…adlib by Vern).
Old Business: No old business brought before the Club.
New Business: The President announced that Elections were in order:
Hal Jones was nominated for President but, he more or less declined, being him and Dee had previously handled the Presidency of the Club for 5 years.
Milan Vrajich was nominated by Vern Ratzlaff, seconded by Donny Buehl for President and there being no other nominations he was elected by acclamation.
Vern Ratzlaff was nominated as Secretary/Treasurer and there being no other nominations he was elected by acclamation.
Joanie Kline was nominated as Club Co-Ordinator and there being no other nominations she was elected by acclamation.
The Treasurer their should be no requirement to assess Club dues for the next calendar year and recommended such to the Club. Dee Jones made a motion to suspend Club dues for 2021, motion was seconded by Daryl Jones and motion passed unanimously.
Adjournment: There being no other business brought before the Club, President Linda closed the meeting.

Minutes submitted by Vern Ratzlaff, Club Secretary.

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