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Color Country Ramblers
Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order by Chairperson pro-tem (Linda Larsen) at Lutherwood Camp, Utah).
Pledge of Allegiance: to the U.S. Flag was led by Vern Ratzlaff.
Roll Call: by Secretary Vern Ratzlaff…present were the following Members:
Dee & Hal Jones
Vern & Dottie Ratzlaff
Grant & Linda Larsen
Ray & Katie Gonzales
Darryl & Connie Jones
Ron & Gonnie Buell

Introductions: The Secretary announced that a majority of member ballots had been received with all votes being “Yes”, as to admitting Ray & Katie Gonzalez to Active Member status of the Club.
Thus Ray & Katie Gonzalez became voting members for this meeting. The Gonzalez were then initiated into the club by Chairperson pro-tem, Linda Larsen.

The Chairperson then changed the order of the agenda to address the need for changes in the membership classes to allow for a quorum for our meetings.

Grant Larsen made a motion that a class for members-at-large be added for those unable to participate as full members, due to lack of a RV, illness, etc. Only regular members would be allowed to vote. The motion was seconded and passed.

After this motion was passed, their was then a quorum, so we could then conduct business at this meeting.

Minutes: Minutes for the August meeting were corrected per Linda Larson. A point of order was requested by Dorothy Ratzlaff regarding the lack of a host for the October Outing. Chairperson pro-tem ruled that the coordinator, Joanie Kline was out of order. The bylaws state that the “coordinator was to ensure a host for each outing”. There are to be no “no-host” outings. Minutes were then approved and filed as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer Vern Ratzlaff: The Club has $916.26 in the Wells Fargo Bank account, and we have $25 in the Petty Cash plastic bag (no expenditures, no income).

Club event coordinator: Our club coordinator, Joannie Kline, was absent at this meeting so Linda Larsen handled this area for the Club. A flyer was distributed to the members, which promoted the September event at the Four Seasons RV Park in Littlefield, AZ for September 21st-23rd, 2021.

September 20-24: Four Seasons RV Park, Littlefield, AZ – hosted by Roger & Cindy Hudson (Also, this will be the date the club holds their annual auction/fund raiser for the Club.)
October 19-21: Quail Park, Hurricane, UT -(KOA Campground,Harrisburg, UT (Located near Quail Reservoir) - Hosted by Grant & Linda Larsen. No host designated for this Excursion.
November 11-15: Lake Mead RV Park, Boulder City/Lake Mead, Nevada – hosted by Joannie & Wayne Kline…we were advised to get reservations in now as they are booking full.
December: Christmas Dinner – site not yet determined by Joanie. Site to be determined by President, Milan Vrajich.

Old Business: None

New Business: Much discussion was forthcoming, as to what constitutes an “Active Member” status. No discussion, see motion above

Vern Ratzlaff made a motion that Annual Club dues be set at $15.00 per year per member (not per Rig). Seconded by Ron Buell.
Hal Jones made an amendment to the motion that dues be $5 per member per year and any additional dues be determined and voted on at the Annual Christmas Party for the following year. Amendment seconded by Dee Jones and Amendment was passed.
The original motion, as amended, then was voted on and passed.

Vern Ratzlaff made a motion that the above motion (as amended and passed), would go into effect for the New Year and any Member who was not current on dues as of March 1st, would no longer be a Member of the Club. Connie Jones seconded the motion and motion passed.

Adjournment: Dottie Ratzlaff made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Darryl Jones and motion passed.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Vern Ratzlaff
(Minutes were distributed by email to all Members in Word format and PDF format.)

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